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Community & Priorities
Robert is ready to engage, to listen, to act

Robert has been a Burlington resident for 38 years, 22 of which have been in Aldershot. With three teenage sons in the public school system in Aldershot, his roots and family are firmly planted in the community. Robert is currently teaching at Burlington Central High School as part of his 25 year career in education. Robert brings a sincere passion and energy to his work and his volunteerism. He is a strong environmental enthusiast and acts as the Teacher Liaison of the Eco School Community Team.

You can depend on Robert to advocate on your behalf and support the needs and concerns for the residents of Ward 1.



Robert believes we must preserve our history and our established neighbourhoods and align new growth with a balanced vision that benefits the community.When elected, Robert plans to;

  1. Step back from his teaching position to focus on his new role on city council

  2. Establish Community Advisory Groups in North Aldershot, South Aldershot, West Maple and Tyandaga to better engage with all residents in the specific neighbourhoods within Ward 1

  3. Work with the City to ensure an affordable housing plan is an essential part of all new developments

  4. Continue to monitor the addition of a South Service Road to ease traffic flow and allow local accesses

  5. Address the unresolved busing and transit issues in the Maple area

  6. Stay advised on environmental issues such as the Tyandaga quarry

  7. Push for further senior opportunities with a Senior Centre in Ward 1

  8. Be YOUR voice at City Hall

Supporting diversity within a democratic framework, in being transparent while collaborating and communicating decisions made on behalf of our constituents.

The environment has to be on the forefront of decisions we make that create a sustainable future in our community.

Supporting housing affordability; particularly to assist those most in need: the elderly, single-

parent families, and recent newcomers to our Ward One community.

Joel Mauro Ward 1 Resident

"The construction on Plains Road can be a frustration for everyone, but the end result, including bike lanes will reduce the congestion, ease the incoming overflow and allow for safe cycling"

Steve Cussons Founder Rebels Classic Car Night Ward 1 Resident

"Robert has volunteered since we started the Rebels Classic Car Nights supporting ROCK, Reach Out Centre For Kids. I really appreciate his hard work, enthusiasm and passion within our community."

Cameron Robins Local Tim Hortons Franchisee Ward 1 Business Owner

"Robert has volunteered over the past 6 years organizing a great community event, Tim Hortons Hockey Card Trade Nights. He understands the importance of family and community, helping to create wonderful memories We look forward to seeing you again this fall"

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