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About Robert Radway

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The City of Burlington has been my home since my elementary school days. More recently, I have been fortunate to be able to call the Ward One community “my home” for the past 22 years. I have worked as a teacher since 1997, including jobs at Appleby College in Oakville and as well as Pineland Public School, here in Burlington. Since then, I have taught for the past 21 years at Burlington Central High School. My profession has provided an opportunity for me to listen to and engage with countless individuals. The feedback from individuals is key, especially in our community. Open, honest, and transparent communication with all of our citizens provides the key to maintaining past achievements and furthering our success in the future. Active community discussion will allow Ward One to move forward on development, within the framework of environmental concerns.


Robert Radway graduated from Nelson High School and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University. He completed the Master of Science in Education from Niagara University. He is currently a teacher at Burlington Central High School. He has successfully fulfilled several leadership positions throughout his career. More specifically, as a Student Success program coordinator, and as a program leader/department head for Canadian and World Studies, and for the Physical and Health Education Department. He has a specialist in English as a Second Language and Special Education. Additionally, he has completed both parts and all the requirements for the Principals Qualification Course. Robert continues to volunteer a great amount of his time outside the traditional classroom setting, at his school. As well, Robert’s care and concern for his Burlington and Ward One community is reflected in his volunteer time and attention provided to local clean-up initiatives, and his support for other Burlington Green events. 


Academic and Technological Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario / 1999

  • Master of Science in Education, Niagara University, New York, U.S.A. / 2000

Program of Teacher Education

Master of Science in Education, Niagara University,

New York, U.S.A. / 2000

Teaching Qualifications

Primary and Junior Divisions / September 2000

Additional Qualifications

  • Intermediate Division, History / July 2021 

  • Special Education, Part 1, Basic / August 2001

  • Senior Division, History / August 2004

  • Principal's Qualification, Part 1 / November 2008

  • Principal’s Qualification, Part 2 / May 2009

  • English as a Second Language, Part 1 / January 2015

  • English as a Second Language, Part 2 / January 2016

  • Special Education, Part 2 / April 2016

  • English as a Second Language, Specialist / April 2016

  • Special Education, Specialist / June 2016

“My commitment to you is communication that will be open, honest, & transparent. I vow to return your calls and support your needs and concerns to the best of my ability and in a timely manner. You have my word on that”

- Robert Radway

Our Mission

My Priorities for the
Ward 1 Community

  1. Step back from his teaching position to focus on his new role on city council
  2. Establish Community Advisory Groups in North Aldershot, South Aldershot, West Maple and Tyandaga to better engage with all residents in the specific neighbourhoods within Ward 1
  3. Work with the City to ensure an affordable housing plan is an essential part of all new developments
  4. Continue to monitor the addition of a South Service Road to ease traffic flow and allow local accesses
  5. Address the unresolved busing and transit issues in the Maple area
  6. Stay advised on environmental issues such as the Tyandaga quarry
  7. Push for further senior opportunities with a Senior Centre in Ward 1
  8. Be YOUR voice at City Hall

How you can help?

Donate, Participate, Volunteer

We Need Your Support!

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