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Voting Day is October 24, 2022

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Meet Robert Radway
For Councillor In Ward One

Think Global, Act Local

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

What is the direction of our future

for Ward One?

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About Robert


The City of Burlington has been my home since my elementary school days. More recently, I have been fortunate to be able to call the Ward One community “my home” for the past 22 years. I have worked as a teacher since 1997, including jobs at Appleby College in Oakville and as well as Pineland Public School, here in Burlington. Since then, I have taught for the past 21 years at Burlington Central High School. My profession has provided an opportunity for me to listen to and engage with a countless number of individuals. The feedback from individuals are key, especially in our community. Open, honest, and transparent communication with all of our citizens provides the key to maintaining past achievements and furthering our success into the future.

Supporting diversity within a democratic framework, in being transparent while collaborating and communicating decisions made on behalf of our constituents.

The environment has to be at the forefront of decisions we make that create a sustainable future in our community.

Supporting housing affordability; particularly to assist those most in need: the elderly, single-

parent families, and recent newcomers to our Ward One community.

In Our Community

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